Not enough resources to run this environment

Not enough resources to run this environment


You may receive this notification if the environment’s assigned amount of RAM exceeds the available RAM of your license. 



This warning message can typically appear if you have selected a Permalink or Environment Copy that was built with specific settings for RAM usage.  Usually this will be greater than the RAM that is available with a standard license (8 GBs). 


To resolve the warning message


To fix this you can use ‘Edit hardware’ under the ‘Edit Environment’ menu to reduce the amount of RAM the environment consumes. 



Please note: the environment you are using may have been specifically configured to use more RAM and will not function correctly without it.  In this case you can purchase RAM add-on licenses in 8 GB increments. 





Up to 3 RAM add-ons can be assigned to a single environment, in 16, 24 or 32 GB levels. 



Assign RAM to environment


Once you have purchased the additional RAM add-ons, you will be able to assign the additional RAM to your environment. 


The next step will be to add that RAM to the VMs you require it on. 


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    Jeremy Fincher

    I am trying to run SAP HANA with SAP HANA Studio with a ProPlus account. I have run into the error 'no enough resources to run this environment'. Per documentation I would need a mininum of 24GB to run SAP HANA but I can only apply up to 16GB per environment. How can I get this working.

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    David Somerset

    Hey Jeremy - i had something similar with a permalink I used once. I think it's:
    16 GB per machine
    32 GB per environment

  • Avatar
    Jeremy Fincher

    Thank you kindly for the response David. Were you able to get your environment up and running. If 16GB is the max per machine then Im in trouble since I need at least 24GB on the HANA Server machine alone. Is there way to allocate the minimum requirement of 24GB?

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    David Somerset

    hmmmm.... weird - ok did some googling and from screenshots I saw it looks like the HANA is special somehow - so automatically gets assigned with the full 24gb RAM.

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