Can CloudShare be used as the "on-prem" environment within an Office 365 Hybrid Environment?

I would like to create a SharePoint Hybrid Two Way (bidirectional) Topology as discussed in using CloudShare as the "on-prem" environment.  Has this been done before?

So far my main concerns are around the reverse proxy requirements.  I know that CloudShare provides web access URLs, but according to the documentation the following must be done regarding the reverse proxy:

  • The Secure Channel certificate must be stored in both the reverse proxy device
  • This certificate must support multiple names, and must be at least 2048 bits

I'll be creating the certificate on the domain controller within the CloudShare environment, so I assume I'll have control over the length.  I'm not so sure about how to go about putting a certificate within the reverse proxy, but maybe I don't need to?

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    prakash ghimire

    hey .. i am trying to do the same in cloudshare... how is ur work so far .. Please share .. 

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    Kirk Liemohn

    We had some delays, so are just getting this going again.  We are doing a one-way outbound topology with federated authentication.  I think that a two-way topology would be a little harder with CloudShare (not sure if it is possible).  I'll try to let you know how it goes by posting back here.  Note that we don't care much about performance as we are just trying to prove out certain scenarios.

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