Getting Started with SAP HANA

Getting Started with SAP HANA



SAP provides you with access to a trial version of its HANA Developer Center running on CloudShare.  You also have the option to purchase a copy of the HANA environment, even the version you used during the trial. 


If you have not already received your copy, you can access it from SAP’s HANA site


Guidance on accessing the HANA environment is available on SAP’s Community Network


Getting Started with CloudShare


To make sure you have all the standard pre-requisites to connect to CloudShare, please:

  1. Run the CloudShare Connectivity test

  2. Run the CloudShare SpeedTest

If necessary, install the CloudShare RDP browser plug-in and Java.  If you run into any problems connecting to the virtual machines themselves, review this troubleshooting guide



First Step: Take a Snapshot



Once you have the HANA environment:


  1. Click, Take Snapshot

  2. Be happy




How to Connect to HANA


In your environment, you will see two VMs:


  • SAP HANA SPSx server

  • SAP HANA Studio


We suggest reviewing the README document on the SAP HANA Studio machine in your environment to get started.  It contains information on:


  • Login Data for your first connection

  • How to install a local HANA Studio and Client


These machines are already networked.  The HANA Server will house your database while the HANA Studio machine can be used to connect to the database.  You can also download your own copy of HANA Studio to connect from your local computer to the HANA Server running on CloudShare. 


One of the best resources on setting up HANA connectivity can be found in this blog




Common Problems with HANA



Should you run into any issues, it will most likely be related either to:



If neither of these help, please contact SAP Support here:  SAP will be happy to help with any HANA software related issues.  Alternatively, the HANA Community can help as well. 



If you are having problems connecting to a SUSE machine via SSH, please make the following changes to its authentication: 

  • edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config
  • change PasswordAuthentication to Yes
  • Restart sshd - service sshd restart

You can connect to the machine via PuTTY to make the changes, or if you prefer, continue using PutTTY for administration of the VM or access it via Console.  


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    Hi, I am not sure why however ,whenever I am trying to access the trail environment it shows that machine expired whereas, I just created the account.

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