Troubleshooting Your Connection to your CloudShare Environment

 Connecting to your CloudShare environment

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Most organizations today use a corporate firewall to prevent unwanted or malicious traffic.

If you're connecting from your company's network, make sure your network security team sets up rules in their firewall to allow you to access CloudShare (*

Then run the Connectivity Test.  This is a successful test with our HTML5 connection method

Canvas Support and Secure Web Sockets are the important tests to note here.   In most cases this will require access to the ports listed in the next session. Suggested fixes appear when a test fails. IE10+, and modern versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari all support HTML5 access.  IE9 will require our browser plug-in, available below.  


1. IP ranges: set up a rule to allow traffic to CloudShare's IPs

 For a full list of CloudShare's IPs, contact Support.  



2.  TCP Ports

In order to connect via RDP, SSH & Console, Make sure outbound traffic (from your organization) is allowed, to these ports:

A. TCP 443 – Used for Accelerated RDP connections to a Windows OS (Primary)
B. TCP 3389 – Used for RDP connections to a Windows OS (Secondary)
C. TCP 443 – Used for Console connections to both Linux and Windows OSs
D. TCP 22 – Used for SSH connections to a Linux OS


If you're planning to use other TCP ports make sure:

A. The port you're using is allowed for inbound traffic in CloudShare.  For a full list of CloudShare's open inbound ports, contact Support.  

B. Outbound traffic to this port is allowed in your organization's firewall.

Please note that all outbound TCP ports are open, with one exception.  All X11 protocol ports (6000-6063) are closed for security reasons.  


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    José Ignacio López

    My environment is resuming and it´s taking a lot of time. 2 hours more or less! how can I reboot it?

  • Avatar
    Peter Franks

    Hey Borja, this was a specific issue and we followed up with you directly.  For specific issues, contact support.  

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