Training - Use Audio and Recording in Your Class

Do you want to talk to your students during class via audio? What about audio interaction for the class? And what if you want to record a class?

Audio and recording capabilities enhance your CloudShare classes:

  • Verbally instruct your students during class

  • Include interactive verbal communication in your classes

  • Create audio and video class recordings

Enter Your Favorite Web Conferencing Software

Web conferencing tools such as WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeeting and many more, enable online communication through audio meetings, video meetings, and seminars by utilizing chat, screensharing, remote control, and recording.

When you're teaching a class in CloudShare, you already have a lot of these features built into the instructor console. By working in tandem with web conferencing software, you can also add audio and recording to your classes. 

All you need to do is simply schedule a web conferencing meeting to coincide with the class. Invite the students in your class to the web conferencing meeting.

During your class you can now:

  • Speak to your students using the web conferencing audio.

  • Let your students interact verbally via audio. 

  • Record your class.

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