International Keyboard Layout Support for Windows VMs

When you connect to a Windows VM through the Environment Viewer, you can interact with the VM using your local keyboard as if it were physically attached to the VM. Most international keyboard layouts are fully supported.

With some keyboard layouts (such as German), you might experience unexpected results when typing characters.

You can fix these issues by changing the VM's keyboard layout to match your own. 

Changing the VM Keyboard Layout

In the Environment Viewer, you can change the keyboard layout of a Windows VM.

  • Under Environment Actions, select a different keyboard layout from the Keyboard dropdown.

Or, in fullscreen mode: 

  • Select a new keyboard layout from the Keyboard menu. 


The change takes effect only after you log out of the VM (which you do on the VM itself, such as from the Windows Start menu.) When you log in again, you'll be working with the new keyboard layout that you selected. 


If you don't see this feature in the viewer or if you're still having problems typing characters, please contact Support.

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