Test Your Connectivity to VMs

Are you having trouble connecting to your environment? Does it seem to be running a bit slowly? Having trouble connecting to one of your VMs? Try running our connectivity test from inside the environment viewer. 

What Does it Test?

The connectivity test tests your connection to CloudShare's remote access gateway at the CloudShare region where your environment is hosted. It runs several tests:

  • WebSocket tests. Your browser needs to support WebSockets in order to connect to your VMs. Several tests of WebSockets support are run so that we can pinpoint any specific problem you may be having with WebSockets:

    • WebSockets browser support. This tests simply whether your browser supports WebSockets. If it doesn't, you'll need a browser update or to use a different browser. If this test fails, the other tests don't run.

    • WebSockets echo server test. Attempts to connect to the WebSockets server in order to test if your browser can establish a secure WebSocket connection to a WebSockets server external to CloudShare. 

    • Certificate authority check. Checks if your browser is missing certificate authority trusts. A WebSocket connection to CloudShare's remote access gateway will fail if the websocket server's TLS certificate is not trusted by your browser.

    • WebSockets gateway server test. Tests if your browser can establish a secure WebSocket connection to CloudShare's remote access gateway in the CloudShare region where your environment is hosted.

  • Speed test. Tests how fast your internet connection can download VM image data from the remote access gateway server at the relevant CloudShare region.

How to Run the Test

  1. In the Environment Viewer, expand the Environment Actions menu.

  2. Click this connectivity test button: .

    The Connectivity Test appears in an overlay window.

    The WebSocket tests run and then their results are displayed.

    If this is the first time you are running the test in a specific browser, the speed test runs automatically. Other times, the latest speed test result is displayed.

  3. To run the speed test again, click Run Again.

Test Results

The WebSocket Tests

When the tests are done, the results are displayed clearly, followed by a helpful explanation and recommended actions. Follow our guidance to fix your connection problems.

The Speed Test

The speed test gives you the following information:

  • Bandwidth. The speed of data transfer when your browser downloads image data from the relevant CloudShare regional remote access gateway. Measured in kilobytes per second (Kbps) with a percentage error in parentheses. 

  • Latency. The delay , or how long it takes data to travel between CloudShare's remote gateway and your browser, measured in milliseconds (ms) with a percentage error in parentheses..

  • Taken on. The date and time the speed test was last run.

 When the test runs, the slider moves to a recommended balance of performance to quality, based on the speed test result. To apply the recommendation, click Apply

Improve Your Browser Performance

Using the Speed Test slider, you can optionally reduce the resolution to improve the performance. You can click the Apply button to apply the recommended setting. Alternatively, you can move the slider to any position you want and then click Apply to apply your chosen setting.

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