Where to Start

CloudShare is a specialist cloud provider that makes it easy to create simple and complex virtual computing environments that you can clone, access from anywhere and share. CloudShare environments are accessible in the browser with a user friendly customizable viewer. With CloudShare, you don't have to be an IT professional to set up virtual computing environments in the cloud and use them to for testing, development, showcasing, training, or any purpose you can think of.

Here's how to get started with CloudShare:

Create Environments

Import VMs, use a pre-made template, recreate from an existing blueprint, or create a custom environment. Read here about how you can get an environment up and running.

Add and Customize

Work on the VMs in your environment to install software, transfer files, and make any changes you need. Use Cloud Folders to transfer files.

Customize the environment viewer to modify the viewing experience. You can include VM access, instructions, resources and external websites.

Manage Your Storage Usage

Autosuspend environments, create them on demand, and delete on a schedule. Click here to learn about some of CloudShare's storage saving management features.

Access Environments

Access CloudShare environments through the viewer, with an RDP client or using downloadable RDP file.

Share Environments

Share environments with external end users, collaborate with CloudShare users, host and serve web applications from CloudShare environments.

More Resources

Check out our walkthroughs. Visit our Welcome page and pick out your use case. Work through step by step. You'll pick it up in no time. {add something about each one here}

CloudShare Glossary

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