Share Your Environment

CloudShare offers various ways to share CloudShare environments for collaboration, cloud-based application access, training, and sales purposes.

Sharing Feature


With whom?

CloudShare Plan

End User invitations

Invite users to their own personal copy of an environment, accessed through the browser-based CloudShare Viewer. Use a broad array of viewer customization options to optimize the user's experience of the environment. Control the life cycle of the environment and give a sales prospect a product demo or let the user conduct a PoC of your product.

External end users via email invitation



Invite a class of students and instructors to interact with their own personal copies of an environment for the duration of a scheduled class. Benefit from a customizable feature rich cloud based training platform.

External end users


Environment sharing

Share environments for direct collaboration, with varying access levels. Let other users modify the environment, take snapshots, create new environments based on yours or simply view your environment. 

Other CloudShare users via CloudShare Web UI

Enterprise, TeamLabs

Web Access

Share applications running on your CloudShare environment over the web. Benefit from CloudShare's resource saving auto suspend and resume capabilities while providing on demand access.

Publically via permanent URL

Enterprise, TeamLabs

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