Create Demos and POCs (Enterprise)

Follow these steps to showcase your products with fully customized guided demos and hands-on POCs.

Step 1: Prepare a demo lab

The first stage is to prepare an environment that will demo the product. 

  1. Create the environment by importing your own VMs, or using our pre-configured templates, or from individual VMs.

  2. Connect to the VMs in your environment to get software installed and running just like in production, and the VM system state exactly as you want your prospect to receive it when the environment first opens in the browser. You can use Cloud Folders to transfer files to your VMs and install software.

  3. Customize the environment viewer  to modify and control the prospect's experience of the environment. This can include, for example, product guidance, documentation, access to external websites, access to some or all VMs in the environment. Save the viewer customizations to the environment.

  4. Take a snapshot of the environment and set it as the default snapshot in a blueprint. The snapshot enables you to use the environment as the demo prototype.

  5. (Optional) Copy the snapshot to other CloudShare regions. This lets you serve the demo from a region close to the prospect for optimal performance.

Step 2: Create a policy for your demos and POCs

Create a policy and tailor it for your product demos and POCs. Through the policy, you control how long demo labs will be stored on CloudShare, for how much running time the prospect can run the demo, and what will happen to an open demo lab if there is a period of inactivity in the browser. Read about policy creation here

Step 3: Create invitations

Now you can invite your prospects to a POC via our step-by-step in-product wizard  or via our SalesForce plugin.

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