Create Virtual Training

To get started creating instructor-led, self-paced training classes on CloudShare, work through the basic steps below. You'll very quickly learn how it works and develop your own best practices and workflows.

Step 1: Prepare a training lab

The first stage is to prepare an environment that will serve as the training lab for the student. Each student in the class is going to receive their own copy of this environment and work with it in class, so you want to prepare it with that in mind.

  1. Create the environment.

  2. Work on the VMs in your environment to get your software installed, files in place, and the VM system state exactly as you want your students to receive it at the start of class, with software running if needed. You can use Cloud Folders to transfer files to your VMs.


    Think about what you can do in the environment to get the student up and running as quick as possible. For example, if you want the student to work with a tool that requires login, you might want to create a user and log the user into a tool, so that your student doesn't need to waste class time on a registration and sign in procedure.

  3. Customize the environment viewer to modify and control the student's experience of the environment. This can include, for example, step by step instructions for the class, training materials, access to external websites, access to some or all VMs in the environment. Save the viewer customizations to the environment.

  4. Take a snapshot of the environment and set it as the default snapshot in a blueprint. The snapshot enables you to use the environment as the basis of a class.

  5. (Optional) Copy the snapshot to other CloudShare regions. This lets you serve a class from a region close to the students for optimal performance.

Create a policy for your classes

You'll need an environment policy tailored for class length and your storage preferences. Read about policy creation here. You'll need a policy that keeps a student's environment running at least for the duration of a class, and you'll need to choose how long the environment will be stored on CloudShare.

Create a class

Now you're ready to create a class using the snapshot and policy you prepared.

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