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Whether you need to transfer files to your VMs, install software, develop, test something or make any sort of change to your VMs and your environment, you'll need to know how to connect to your environment. CloudShare offers several ways to connect to your environment. The most user friendly way is to open the environment or specific VM in your browser. CloudShare displays your environment in CloudShare's Environment Viewer.


Other options for connecting to VMs are RDP file download and connecting to the VM's external URL using an RDP client on your local machine.

To open your environment or VM in your browser:

  1. In the CloudShare Web UI, find the environment you want to modify. It could be your own environment, an end user environment that you manage, or an environment another CloudShare user shared with you. You can find your own environments on the dashboard as soon as you log in (My Environments) and you can find any environment you're allowed to access in the Environments List (Environments > Environment List).

  2. Find the environment you want. You can use the Search Environments search box to search by name, and the filters to display the right selection.

  3. Click the name of the environment.

    The Environment Details page appears. Your VMs are listed in the VMs List in the lower part of the page.

    • To work on a specific VM, click the VM's View VM button.

      CloudShare's viewer opens in your browser, displaying the environment with the VM's tab selected for you.

    • Alternatively, to simply connect to and view the whole environment in the viewer, click the View button on the right of the page.

      This also opens the environment in the viewer. However, a particular VM can be hidden from view as part of the viewer customization for the environment (Enterprise only).

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