About the CloudShare Invitations Package for Salesforce

CloudShare's invitations package for Salesforce lets sales engineers send end user invitations to CloudShare environments from within Salesforce. A CloudShare end user invitation lets a sales prospect sign up, view and conduct a POC with their own personal copy of your demo in their browser. You can create end user invitations from a Salesforce opportunity page, specifying the recipient of your choice. There is no need to leave Salesforce at all or to log into CloudShare, in order to send an invitation.

You can also track the status of the invitation and the demo/POC from the Salesforce opportunity page. You can see when the invitation is accepted, and when the prospect engages with the demo, for example.

The CloudShare Invitations package is installed and configured by a Salesforce administrator, using a CloudShare user's API details.

While the sending and monitoring process requires no CloudShare login, you do need to specify a CloudShare blueprint from which the recipient's personal environment will be created from. The blueprint needs to be prepared in CloudShare. This is typically done separately by your IT personnel on CloudShare. Therefore, synchronization between IT and sales roles will ensure that you invite prospects to try out the latest and greatest version of your company's product.

Getting Started with the CloudShare Invitations Package

  1. Salesforce administrator: Install the CloudShare Invitations package in Salesforce and then complete the setup. You can change the configuration whenever you need.

  2. Sales engineers: Send invitations and monitor them.

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