Integrating CloudShare with Okta

CloudShare supports WS Federation Single Sign On (SSO) through Okta.

This guide provides full instructions for how to integrate Okta into CloudShare as a single sign on (SSO) identity provider (IDP). This guide assumes you are an Okta admin user.


Okta provides a template through which you can create a WS-Federation enabled app that enables Okta to handle CloudShare authentication. Using this template, Okta acts as the identity provider (IDP) while CloudShare acts as the service provider (SP) in the following authentication flow:

  1. The user browses to the CloudShare login page or clicks a “chicklet” in Okta.
  2. CloudShare redirects the user to the configured login URL (Okta’s generated app instance URL) sending a passive request. 
  3. Okta is sent a passive request (assuming you have an existing Okta session). 
  4. Okta sends a response to CloudShare. 
  5. CloudShare receives the response and verifies that the claims are correct. A CloudShare session is established.
  6. The user is authenticated and receives the assigned CloudShare user role. 

Follow the steps in this guide to create the app and assign your users correctly.

Step 1: Contact CloudShare Support

Call CloudShare support to request Okta integration. We will decide together with which of your projects, teams, owning project managers and email domains should be included in the scope of the Okta integration. We will then provide you with an SSO Provider Name, which you will use in step 2.  

Step 2: Add CloudShare to Okta

In this step, you will add CloudShare to Okta as an application:

  1. Login to Okta as a system administrator and click Admin to enter the Admin area.


  1. From the Applications menu, select Applications and then click Add Application.
  2. Search for "Template WS-Fed" and add that application template.
  3. In the Add Template WS-Fed page, enter the following field values:

In this field…


Application label


Web Application URL<SSO Provider Name>

in which <SSO Provider Name> is the unique SSO provider name provided to you by CloudShare in step 1.


Leave this field as is.

ReplyTo URL

Allow ReplyTo Override

Leave this field as is.

Name ID Format

Leave this field as is.

Audience Restriction

Assertion Authentication Context

Leave this field as is.

Group Attribute Name (Optional)

Leave this field as is.

Group Attribute Value

Leave this field as is.

Group filter


Username Attribute Statements

Leave this field as is.

Custom Attribute Statements


Application Visibility

Leave this field as is.

  1. Click Next, click Next again (skip Assign to People) and then click Done.

The Cloudshare application is added to your active applications.

  1. Open the Cloudshare application you just created.
  2. Select the SignOn tab, click View Setup Instructions and then copy the Realm (App ID URI) from the setup instructions page.
  3. Select the General tab and paste the value you copied into the Audience Restriction

Step 3: Assign Users

Each user must have a first name, a last name, and a primary email address defined in Okta. The Okta primary email address (and not the Okta username) becomes the user’s CloudShare username.

For existing Okta users, check before assigning them that they have the required details and fix if necessary.

For any users not defined yet in Okta, add them as okta users and then assign them.

To assign a user to CloudShare:

  1. Open the Cloudshare application that you created (From the Applications menu, select Applications, and then click the application name).
  2. Select the People tab and then click Assign to People.

The Assign Cloudshare to People dialog box appears.

  1. Search for a user you want to add and click the Assign button for the user.
  2. Click Save and Go Back.
  3. Assign more users the same way.
  4. Click Done.

Checking Okta User Details

To check that an existing Okta user has the required details for CloudShare:

  1. Select People from the Directory
  2. Click the user’s name and then select the Profile
  3. On the Profile tab, the First name, Last name and Primary email fields must be populated. If not, click Edit and add those details.

Adding New Users

To create a new Okta user:

  1. From the Directory menu, select People.
  2. Click Add Person.

The Add Person dialog box appears.

  1. Enter the First name, Last name and Primary email.
  2. Select Send user activation email now. This will send the user an activation email and enable the user to set a password.
  3. Click Save (or Save and Add Another if you want to add more users).

Step 4: Add Users to Groups

CloudShare user roles are defined per CloudShare project. There are three CloudShare user roles allowed for accessing any CloudShare project:

  • Project manager (highest level access)
  • Team manager
  • Team member (lowest level access)

The CloudShare-Okta integration applies roles and project access through Okta groups named according to a pre-configured naming convention. Each group you can create enables members to access a specific project with a specific role. For example, adding a user to a group called CloudshareCampaign-MyProject-TeamMember gives the user access to a project called MyProject with the Team Member role

Note: Users who do not belong to a CloudShare group will not be able to sign into CloudShare.

Create a group for every role you need to assign per project. Add users to the groups that give them the correct role for the correct project.

Creating Groups

To create a group:

  1. From the Directory menu, select Groups.
  2. Click Add Group.
  3. In the Name field, enter:

CloudshareCampaign-<Project Name>-<Role>

<Project Name> is the name of the project. Users who belong to this group will be able to access the specified project.

<Role> must be one of the following:

  • TeamMember – assigns the team member role.
  • TeamManager – assigns the team manager role.
  • CampaignManager – assigns the project manager role.

For example, to assign the team member role for access to a project called MyProject, create a group called CloudshareCampaign-MyProject-TeamMember.

On request, CloudShare Support can customize the role names for you.

  1. Click Add Group.

The group is created.

Adding Users to Groups

Add each user to a group to grant the user access to a specific project with a specific user role.

To add users to a group:

  1. From the Directory menu, select Groups.
  2. Click the group you want to add users to.
  3. Click Manage People and then add members:
  • Use the search box to find people.
  • To add one person, mouse over the person in the Not Members box and then click
  • To add multiple non-members, click Add All.
  1. Click Save.

Step 5: Send Us These Details

To complete the integration:

  1. Go to the Sign On tab and click the View Setup Instructions
  2. From the page that appears, retrieve the following and provide them to CloudShare support:
  • The Realm (APP ID URI)
  • The Issuer
  • The Passive Endpoint
  • The certificate thumbprint, which you can find in an “<add thumbprint=" element in the Sample ASP.NET Configuration code sample.
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