Environment Viewer Customization

Customizing the Environment Viewer

CloudShare Enterprise lets you fully control the display your users, students and prospects see when they access their environment: 

Click View to see a sample of how the environment will appear

The Environment Viewer is a self-contained portal for accessing VMs, resources, external pages and any other content you want to provide:

Head to Edit Environment > Customize Viewer to begin editing

Basic Settings

1. Enable / Disable which tabs will be displayed

2. Set a default tab

3. Save and choose whether to apply your updates to the snapshot


Advanced Settings

1. Drag and drop any available tab to order it accordingly

2. Rename any individual machine or tab and even hide it from view

3. Control access methods and whether to show/hide login credentials for the OS

4. Fully edit the Overview tab's HTML to display any desired content or corporate branding.  Insert text, images, styles, links and colors in the left-hand panel and preview on the right. 

5. Upload content to your Resource Repository, and it's accessible from a resource tab you can add to the Environment Viewer.  Resources can be whatever you want: documents, manuals, product guides.

6. You can also include an External URL tab which will be embedded as an iFrame

7. Save and apply settings to your snapshot

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