Global Regions

CloudShare now gives you the ability to launch environments, provide demos and hold classes in multiple regions.  If you don't already have access, please contact your Sales Manager or SE.  


Snapshot Management

To sync templates across different data centers, you'll first need to copy that snapshot to it's new location.  Note that it's a Snapshot rather than a Blueprint that you copy.  

1. Head to Blueprints & Snapshots > Snapshot Regions


2. If you have a large number of snapshots, use the menu's filter to isolate the snapshot you want to copy, by filtering for its master blueprint

3. Select the snapshot you want to copy, the region to send it to, then click Copy

The transfer will begin automatically and depending on the size of your snapshot, may take 2-3 (or more) hours to complete.  'Ready' will be displayed in the same Snapshot Regions menu.  


Creating environments and classes in different regions

To create the environment or class in it's new region, you'll need to select the appropriate project that has global data centers enabled. 

When selected, the Cloud / Region option will activate, and you can continue as normal with your environment or class' settings.

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